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About Our Hospital

The Journey of Medilink Hospital

In 2002, Mrs. Shilpa Agrawal started with initial 25 bedded hospital at centre of the city & became co-founder of Medilink Hospital & Research Center Pvt. Ltd. in Satellite in Ahmedabad with motto of giving 100% satisfactory treatment to the patients.

Being from a medical professional, Dr. Manish Agrawal who is diabetologist & metabolic physician handled all medical terms of the hospital and as a non medical professional Shilpa Agrawal looked after management part of the hospital.


Welcome to Our Family Health Clinic

Over the next few years years Medilink Hospital converted from a 25 bed hospital to a 50 bedded hospital and now currently, we have 150 bedded hospital in the state of Gujarat in 2018.


As Medilink is a multispeciality hospital, we welcome faculty of all departments & in all manners to provide better treatment & care with teamwork.We have multiple clinics which include cardiac, trauma & critical care clinic which complete with major problems related to health.Also we have ent clinic which include all ent organs related problems with complete investigation. We have neuropathy & asthma clinic with continuous observation.We have also gastro, rehabilitation & vascular clinic related to lower half & different of body. To sum up all we have complete package to provide abundant cane to our beloved patients. In 2007 Medilink started our own research department which is lead by Dr. Manish Agrawal.In our research department for in. between starting years we have only 1 to 2 studies across years. But as passing years we developed our department. we highlighted our major work with detected region & achieve continuous 5 to 6 normal studies & more than or equal to 4 global studies of well known companies from last many years.This credit also goes to our beloved work dedicated research team & co-ordinators.

in between middle years of expansion Medilink research done many of social cause camp towards small small villages & cities of our gujarat states.Along with that we took up educational programmes for our patients towards their better health  & its not only for the but also for their family & children.

In the initial stages of medilink if we take a look at our empanelment we had a few companies & lesser advantage to patients for their boundary for specific companies . But as time grew we are  now attached with many growing companies & at this time we have empanelled with most major insurance companies pan india & international and tpa’s for unfound solution for patients of different sectors.Also as of now we have corporate tie up with ISRO, PRL, IFFCO & BSNL, which are renewable market if their staff ratio. If we look at other major facilities than medilink started with only single operation theater which done only 1 to 2 surgeries per month in earlier of its stage and it we look at expansion of this now we have 4 operation theaters which includes i international standard modular o.t & in this we have approx 80 to 100 surgeries in our unit.

If we look at semices of operation than its big & lengthy list which never conclude but as to sum up we have major cancer surgeries , commando surgeries with complete expert doctors team, from the toe to the hair we have complete solution for pain of patients whom they were & complete relief as they go to their women. We provide complete  friendly environment to our patients as they forgot their problems & stay happily for the time whatever they stay in our hospital.We have complete minor to major equipments in our operation theater to do on the spot emergency operations & to save many of lives when it comes to time as we look at the beginning it as 1 to 100 percentage chastity advance change to our all department. If we look at our other full flash departments than we have to must include our physiotherapy clinic , dental department & diagnostic department.

In brief as from starting Medilink have its diagnostic department which have digital x-ray machine and cr system. we also have advanced ultrasound machines with latest technology.

Our dental department also major equipped with modern equipment for better treatment & care.

Medilink have its own medical store &  we provide A to Z medicines (all types of)  we have drug license & certificate also we give various options for our admitted patients in terms of payment modes & other as well for our staff negligence of medicine is not accepted so we provide standard pharma at instant availability in our physiotherapy clinic we look up all indoor patients fast recovery options 7 our physiotherapy clinic have different therapies for our patients as related to their diagnosis.

Medilink is an ISO certified hospital. We have fire & safety patients bell like services in terms of safety.

If we look at a glance we have fully equipped indoor laboratory which is working for 24 hours.we are doing complete prover test in indoor only & if will make effort to taster our treatment for the patients we like to mention that special patient care is a result of our indoor facility supply chain Medilink have indoor bedded intensive care unit with 24 hour emergency services we have complete range of critical bio medical equipments to fulfill all biomedical  bed requirements & in case of emergency also. Also we expand our facility by monitoring wise & hence equipped with new launched &  latest technologies.

Medilink hospital provides chemotherapy treatment & daycare facility for non affording patients

If we look at our marketing strategies, then it is the only department where we rated as zero for nothing as zero to interest in the marketing section we run our hospital without p.r.o for strategies is our  main marketing strategy is our “patients satisfaction” which is also the key of our net worth zero investment in marketing.

Our main strategy of patient satisfaction will also help us all time as we have more than 80% occupancy in our hospital.

Let us take a glance at our social  activity we have a big list of our social activities as starting journey of  Medilink more than 150 camps we done in rural areas as well we also in a way to educate more & more people to take good care for their individual health & taking that in a mind we have done more than 200 lectures in corporates 7 make good relation with top companies to facilitate better services to provide peoples.

Also we done many of cms’s in our hospital’s islet hall for our staff as they gain good knowledge in this fast growing generation make their place in health care industry.

Medilink also support its more than 150 people staff to achieve one individual’s goal to become renowned & took a place in their carrier for this we also send our employees to  outside training & make then free to attend various countries & in result to provide good care.

We have full fledged indoor canteen which provide door to door facility to serve good  food to admitted (indoor) patients also not for outdoor patients but for all relatives & working staff we provide instant availability of food at affordable prices. As we look around than its seems canteen is not a part of health care but we consider “food” as a much eligible object  for health & care of patients so we provide it to all patients.If we look at journey of Shilpa Agrawal than she handle all the management of this hospital since last 16 years with only 8 staff & now she is accompanied with more than 150 staff & almost 80 % ratio of staff and along with her from starting & still they are supporting Shilpa Agrawal to reach at this position also they stand as a pillar of this Medilink building.Medilink very much thankful to all of than to support in this marvellous journey Shilpa is also thanking to all doctors & patients for this life of Medilink.

Now, we also have our medilink diabetes clinic which opened in 2016 unique with its sub department like nutrition & obesity.which take care of all diet food of diabetes patients diabetes foot care for complete care of foot of diabetic patients with availability of material to use diabetes eye care look after effects on eyes of diabetes ,diabetes provides complete dental care & also we look after aexual dystanction clinic for patients. Medilink provides complete health check up packages at finest rates with complete solution which includes diagnostic test. laboratory test & full body check up in just minimal amount. Medilink diabetes clinic is handled by dr.manish agrawal.

Our Mission Is to Provide a Professional & Honest Approach to Health Care

Empaneled with Pan India most major insurance companies -TPA’s. We also have corporate Tie-up with ISRO,PRL,IFFCO and BSNL.