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The Future of Medilink

As you look at the name of our institute ‘ medilink ‘ which also represents our motto as

‘ Medi + Link ‘ 

As medical link to the patients we gradually want to increase our this 32 hector area  as a ‘ medi city ‘. A complete package to provide health related issues in all the manner.

We want to urge this place sincerely for different facilities combine at a single place.as we look forward to make this media city as a international medical treatment & hence to promote medical tourism in india. This approach led us to give a new shine towards our aim which will result in a bright healthcare professional all dedicated to our patients & their beloved family.

In brief, we want to build yoga center , swimming pools , all treatment under our place ( as Allopathy , Ayurvedic , Neuropathy ) also we finished it with inter convection center for conferences & awareness programs related to patient safety. Hence, as this emerging approach we have a hope to fulfill our holistic medical facility availability at economic perspective. This will also enable the guarantee of placement in a same campus when we emerge  them as a student & of future professional.

In another 2 years our planning is to build more than 500 bed hospital across state which will facilitate all government schemes as to cover popular “Maa Yojana” for good facility at low cost company to other fully private hospitals.

We have more than 18 years experience in this industry. which will enable our thought process strongly to achieve our this motto with required all requirements properly.

As in the early 2020 we come up with the multiple expansion at broad level with several branch of Medilink and want to set a benchmark for all & in support of female individual upbringing.